CBA Award Program

It is very important that EACH OPERATOR MEMBER take advantage of this opportunity to recognize your employees. Each of you has someone to be proud of, and we would like the entire CBA Membership have the opportunity to appreciate them.

Time Saving Tip - Do you hate filling out forms? Did you submit an application last year for an outstanding driver or maintenance technician? Want to save some time? Call Vicki Bowman at the CBA office and ask to submit last year's application for the upcoming year's awards. For a driver and/or maintenance application you will need to submit an updated Motor Vehicle report.

Our major sponsors go to great lengths in their support of our CBA activities EVERY YEAR. It is important that, as Operator Members, we make them feel that they are appreciated and that they are getting a “bang for their buck”!!!!

2022 Nomination Forms will be available during the Summer of 2022.

Deadline for submission for Driver of the Year and Technician of the Year is September 9, 2022. Winners will be selected by a committee of judges.

Deadline for submission for Operator of the Year is September 9, 2022 Submitted names will be placed on a ballot and mailed to the CBA Operator members. Winner is voted upon by your peers. You know who the good operators are.

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CBA Operator of the Year