Member Benefits


CBA has a Legislative Advocate in Sacramento.


CBA has a Legislative Committee that watches closely all legislation pertaining to the Motorcoach Industry at both state and federal levels. 


The CBA President represents CBA as a member of the Council of Motor Coach Associations sponsored by the United Motorcoach Association. 


CBA works closely with Yosemite and the Federal Parks staff on concerns we have with their activities. 


CBA has a Group Workers’ Compensation program underwritten by Republic Indemnity. 


CBA members receive a 5 cent per gallon fuel discount through WP Commercial Fueling, Inc.


CBA has an Annual CONVENTION AND TRADE SHOW each year which is largest state Conference and Trade Show in the nation, usually attended by some 200 Operators, Associate, Affiliate, And Allied members and their spouses. The 2021 convention will be held at the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort in Henderson, NV on October 24-26, 2021.


CBA emails quote requests to member companies from groups that are looking for quality transportation. One of our member said, “The money I made on one of these referrals more than paid for my membership dues.” 


Another Big Advantage to Member Motorcoach Operators: Most of our CBA dispatchers and Head Maintenance people ask when they get a call from a Coach Operator having a problem on the road....“Is your company a member of CBA?”.... If the answer is yes, your operator will find that he or she is able to get the help they need without a lot of further negotiations.


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