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CAlifornia Bus Association

Representing California's Bus Industry Since 1969

Member Benefits

Financial Benefits

  • With the leadership of CBA's legislative committee and outreach by association members to their legislators this past year, AB-128 was passed June 28, 2021 and included, as requested, $18 Million in refunds to motor coach operators in California of their 2020 DMV registration fees.
  • CBA provides a Lead Generator on its website where groups seeking quality transportation options can request charter quotes. CBA shares the quote requests with operator members from that area. As one member stated, "The money I made on one of these referrals more than paid for my membership dues."
  • A Network of Operators helping Operators. Most CBA operator members find that, when requiring emergency assistance on the road, reaching out to other CBA network operators more frequently provides them with priority assistance without requiring significant additional negotiation.
  • Strong relationships between member operators and suppliers / providers brought about through membership and networking opportunities extends more immediate access to help when it’s most needed.
  • CBA has a Group Worker's Compensation program underwritten by Republic Indemnity.
  • CBA members receive a 5 cent per gallon fuel discount through WP Commercial Fueling, Inc.
  • The intangible benefit of strong legislative advocacy saves operators incalculable dollars by working to protect California’s transportation industry from unbeneficial legislation.

Legislative Action

  • CBA offers a Legislative Committee that closely watches all legislation pertaining to the Motorcoach Industry at both state and federal levels.
  • CBA's legislative committee follows key transportation- and small business-related state legislation to advocate for California-based or California-bound operators in Sacramento, such as working with CHP to clarify SPAB certification processes and improve testing availability for new and renewing drivers.
  • CBA board and legislative committee members sustain a strong relationship with various state agencies such as the California Air Resources Board (CARB), DMV, PUC, CHP, Business Transportation & Housing Agency, and School Bus Advisory Committee, to maintain a voice in California regulatory actions.
  • CBA works in conjunction with the California Trucking Association (CTA) to study and participate in ongoing action regarding overall transportation legislation in California.
  • A few of the many legislative and regulatory achievements brought on or supported by the CBA over the decades include:

    • In Process – FTA Regulation 73 FR 2326 Charter Service Final Rule
      In conjunction with the UMA, ABA, and NSTA, CBA is helping to fight to protect “First Rule,” which was enacted in 2008 and prohibits transit properties from bidding on charters in an area where at least five private charter companies exist. The recent CARES act infrastructure bill includes a provision which enables Transit Companies to offer private charters, directly and unfairly competing against private operators.
    • In Process - CARB Regulation for 2035 Conversion to All-Electric Fleets
      Working with Californians for a Sound Fuel Strategy, CBA is helping to fight to maintain the use of clean-diesel fuels, is working with the EPA to seek National Diesel Fuel Standards, and is working to obtain exemption for motorcoaches from CARB’s planned phase out of diesel powered heavy-duty commercial vehicles, currently scheduled to begin in 2027 with full implementation by 2045.
    • 2021 – AB-20 (Asm. P Ting) – California State Budget
      As mentioned above, working directly with California State Legislature, the CBA was able to get included into the language of the State Budget $18 million dollars for relief of DMV registration fees for charter bus operators.
    • 2020 – Yosemite Access Working Group
      CBA participated in a working group which worked directly with Yosemite National Park, while UMA and ABA worked with the National Park Service overall, to retain lower CUA fees per bus company.
    • 2019 – Title 13 CHP-R-2014-03
      CBA was instrumental in demonstrating to CalTrans & CHP the infeasibility of utilizing chains on duals. The resolution provided that, instead of requiring chains on both duals, operators may utilize cable chains and socks on the exterior tire of the dual only, or, if CalTrans &/or CHP determine inadequate snow removal has occurred, operators may use heavy (iron) chains on exterior tire of the dual only.
    • 2018 – Resolution M-4831 – PUC [PUTRA] Fees
      Successfully lobbied PUC to exempt California motorcoach charter operators from the PUCTRA fee (exempted under federal regulations).
    • 2017 – SB-20 (Sen. J Hill) – Vehicles: Buses: Seat Belts.
    • CBA worked with Senator Hill to develop a bill that requires coach companies to post signage and/or run safety videos which outline all the safety features available within the bus prior to any transport, thus helping protecting operators from litigation due failure to notify passengers of safety instructions.
    • 2016 – SB-1072 (Sen. T Mendoza) – School Bus Safety: Child Safety Alert System.
      The bill as originally written would have required that operators retrofit their coaches and school buses with child safety alert systems that forced drivers to walk to the back of the bus to shut down an alarm before exiting the bus, thereby ensuring that no children were left on the bus. CBA was able to demonstrate to the California legislature that the excessive cost of retrofitting vehicles to add this alert system was prohibitive. The bill was amended to emphasize that on SPAB trips, both the driver and the requisite chaperone are required to sign off that each has checked each seat to ensure that no child has been left on the bus.
    • 2016 – SB-247 (Sen. R Lara) – Charter bus transportation: safety improvements
      CBA worked with Senator Lara to scale back proposed regulations beyond NHTSA recommendations and FMCSA implementation and instead, got the senator and the OEMs in discussions to resolve safety issues at the manufacturer level going forward.
    • 2010 - AB-45 (Asm. J Hill) – Brett Studebaker Law
      CBA lobbied then-Assemblyman J Hill, author of the bill, to revise legislation which would have conferred responsibility for underaged drinking on buses upon the bus driver and / or bus company, instead to a designee provided by the chartering party, which is how the regulation currently stands.
    • 2008 - FTA Charter Service Rule
      CBA participated in the negotiating of the FTA Charter bus service rule (Title 49-Part 604- Charter Service) which finally limited public transit agencies from accepting group charters except under very limited conditions.
    • 2008 - California Statewide Truck and Bus Rule
      CBA was instrumental in separating diesel motor coaches from truck in the California Statewide Truck and Bus rule. This established a longer phase in time than that for trucks to replace older buses with either newer coaches or retrofit existing buses.
    • 2006 – 45' Bus & Motorhome Maps for Approved & Restricted Routes
      CBA worked with CalTrans to develop a 45-foot bus access map as well as to help open multiple destinations and pick-up points to 45-foot buses.
    • 1999 – Board of Equalization Regulation 1620 – Use Tax Exemption
      CBA was instrumental in advocating for the implementation of this use tax exemption which, when purchasing coaches, when the coaches are used in interstate commerce for a minimum of one year at least 50% of the time, saving motor coach companies several millions of tax dollars over the years.

National Representation

  • CBA holds strong relationships with National organizations such as ABA (American Bus Association), UMA (United Motorcoach Association) which scrutinizes federal legislation and supports the motorcoach transportation industry nationwide, and the CVSA (Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.)

Education & Safety

  • CBA offers virtual meetings that provide education on current topics. These sessions range from discussions about maintenance, insurance, financing, taxes, regulations, or other relevant subjects of the day.
  • CBA holds an annual maintenance seminar that provides member technicians an opportunity to receive hands-on training from OEMs and suppliers on repair and maintenance of various attributes of their vehicles.
  • The annual convention hosts several speakers and panels to provide continuing education on a variety of topics each year.
  • CBA provides access to experts on complying with regulations such as ADA requirements and Hour of Service.
  • BISC West (Bus Industry Safety Council) offers education on current important safety topics and training issues in conjunction with the annual convention.

Annual Conventions

  • CBA hosts its CONVENTION AND TRADE SHOW annually. This event has consistently been the largest state industry conference and trade show in the nation, usually attended by some 200 Operators, Associate, and Affiliate members and their spouses, and provides members an opportunity to really get to know area industry partners.
  • CBA celebrates, by nomination and consensus, qualified operators, drivers, and technicians annually with recognition and award at each annual convention.

Types of Memberships

CBA offers three types of memberships to California and Western Industry Professionals.

  • Operator Members - Operators with vehicles of more than ten passengers, Passenger Stage scheduled operations such as sightseeing tours, airport services, transit, or charter operations. Operators in this category are entitled to one vote per company.
  • Affiliate Members - Non-California-based operator companies, not operating from California. This is a non-voting membership category.
  • Associate Members - All non-operator companies. This is a non-voting membership category.

CBA Committees

CBA maintains multiple committees that work hard on its members behalf to address various issues important to the industry. Current committees include:

  • Associate Steering Council Responsible for reviewing applications for Associate membership prior to submission to the Board of Directors for approval, representing the views of the Associate Members to the Board of Directors and membership, and in general promoting the welfare of the Associate Members of the association
  • Awards Responsible for reviewing and updating the nominations documents for the annual Awards and participates in the blind judging of the nominees, as well as facilitating the distribution of annual prizes .
  • Bylaws – Responsible for the ongoing maintenance and update to association bylaws
  • Convention – Works with the Executive Director to plan and execute the annual convention each year.
  • Education and Safety – Responsible for planning member education sessions throughout the year and provides input to the board and membership as appropriate on major safety concerns that arise within the industry.
  • Legislative – Reviews and addresses new bills being introduced in the State Assembly and Senate which pertain to small businesses such as our operator members' companies and to the industry as a whole, as well as regulatory issues such as CARB and SPAB regulations and concerns. 
  • Maintenance – Works with the Executive Director to plan and execute the Maintenance Seminar each year.
  • Membership – Responsible for promoting the benefits of the CBA’s and increasing its membership, may attend regional meetings to network with non-members.
  • National & State Parks & Attractions – Responsible for working directly with park and attraction venues to resolve any issues that may affect the motorcoach industry.
  • Technology – Works closely with Executive Director on any social media plans or on plans that affect CBA technology.

How Can I Be Involved?

  • Join CBA!
  • Participate in our Zoom member meetings
  • Speak up! Make us aware of issues of concern.
  • Join a Committee
  • Serve on the Board of Directors
  • Attend Events
  • Volunteer at Events

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